What are Festoon Lights?

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Have you wondered what festoon lights are? What makes these a popular choice not only for outdoor lighting in commercial establishments but also for exterior lighting ideas in modern homes. If you want some answers, then read on.

What Are Festoon Lights? | Important Things You Need To Know About Festoon Lights

What Are Festoon Lights Important Things You Need To Know About Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are strings of globes or light bulbs hung from two or more structures such as posts, beams, or poles. Festoon lights derive their name from a Latin word, ‘festum,’ which describes wreaths and garlands hung at parties or celebrations. These lights perfectly pair with any decorative theme adding an aesthetic appeal to outdoor and indoor spaces.

Festoon lighting is often found in outdoor spaces in cafes, music festivals, and even breweries. Nonetheless, they are also a perfect lighting solution on balconies, backyards, and indoors around the home.

Why Opt for Festoon Lights?

Now that we’ve shed some light on the frequently asked – what are festoon lights, question, why not read on to see how they can transform dull spaces with some beautiful LED warmth to create an inviting ambiance to any indoor or outdoor entertaining area. These lights are easy to install on your own since they are flexible and their globes effortlessly screw into their sockets.

The good thing with festoon lighting is that if one bulb goes out, the other bulbs continue to illuminate your space. As if that’s not enough, festoon lights come in two varieties: flush and hanging, which makes them suitable for any setting.

Where to Hang Festoon Lights?

You can hang festoons nearly in any space around your home, both outdoor and indoor. These lights are versatile and easy to use, making their hanging limited to your imagination. Below are the ideal spaces to hang your festoon lights.

1. Commercial Spaces Setting

Commercial Spaces Setting What Are Festoon Lights

You can hang festoon lights in commercial space settings like cafés, pub eateries, beer gardens, or brewery warehouses to set the mood for your customers. This indoor and outdoor lighting solution creates a warm, alluring atmosphere that attracts prospective customers. Festoon lights come in connectable lengths ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters, making them ideal for large spaces.us leo.

2. Indoor Spaces in the Home

Indoor Spaces in the Home What Are Festoon Lights

Festoon lights produce enough lighting that can be used in indoor space settings. Thus, you can use the light fittings to decorate your home’s living room, staircase railings, or your child’s bedroom. Since most of the festoon lighting variations are crafted to use the wall power socket, they are easy to install.

3. Backyard

Backyard What Are Festoon Lights

If you want to increase the aesthetic value of your backyard, festoon lights are the solution. These lights are available in different lengths for both small and large gardens. Some festoon strings can be joined together if you need an extra tail length since they have water-resistant universal joints at both ends. You can hang festoon lighting in trees or from one wall to another.

What to Look for When Buying Festoon Lights?

There are many different styles of festoon lights on the market, some better for indoors, others for outdoors, some for commercial applications, and others for residential applications. There are a few product specifications to consider to ensure you’re getting the best type for the area you’re decorating. Below are the top three specifications to consider:

a. Voltage

Voltage What Are Festoon Lights

The voltage of your festoon lights is a vital determinant of the amount of electricity required for them to run. To avoid incurring massive electricity bills due to your light fittings, you should consider buying lights with 24V low power voltage. Fittings with 24V voltage use less electricity, and you can run them all day and all night long without incurring a huge power bill. Beyond their energy efficiency, low voltage festoons are the safest option for permanent outdoor lighting installations, especially in commercial or public settings.

b. IP Rating


Your festoon lights’ weather-resistant IP (ingress protection) rating indicates their resistance to weather elements like water or dust. IP44 is the ideal ingress protection rating for waterproof festoon lights to maximise longevity in wet weather conditions for outdoor use. The IP44 rating will create a robust seal that prevents weather elements from seeping in and destroying the system.

c. Type of Globes

Type of Globes What Are Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are versatile as they come with distinct bulb types such as LED, Filament, or Incandescent globes. LED bulbs can last for about 40,000 hours as they use low voltage to run. Incandescent bulbs, on their part, are less expensive but can last for about 2000 hours. On the other hand, carbon filament bulbs are the most costly but produce a warm candlelight-like light.

Festoon lights are undoubtedly a buzz throughout Australia due to their aesthetic value to a space. These fittings are weather-resistant, easy to install, and versatile enough to be used in indoor and outdoor settings.

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