How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree | A Quick Christmas Lights Guide

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How to put lights on your Christmas tree like a professional? This is the holiday season to be jolly and what better way to show your holiday cheer than by adding string lights to your Christmas tree!

But before you start decorating, there are a few things you should know about putting up lights both indoors and outdoors. We’ve done the research for you so you can have a merrier and jollier Christmas!

How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree Like A Pro | A Straight To The Point Answers To FAQs

This quick guide will teach you how to string Christmas lights to achieve the desired effect — minimal, moderate, or show-stopping! You can be sure you will have that gorgeous and worry-free Christmas tree this holiday season.

What's The Best Way To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree?

how to put lights on a christmas tree best way

A zig-zag pattern though common, is one of the best ways to put lights on a real Christmas tree. Start from the bottom, then work your way up.

It is also best to place the Christmas tree lights in quadrants rather than putting all of them around the tree.

To add depth, place some lights farther into the branches and others closer to the front. Place them deep into the branches near the trunk to hide the light connectors.

How To Hang Lights On Artificial Christmas Tree?

how to put lights on a christmas tree artificial

It may seem obvious, but there is a proper way to hang lights, especially on artificial Christmas trees. Of course, there are various patterns you can use when hanging your lights. Whether you want to try something new or don’t like how your lights looked in previous years, there may be the best way to put lights on an artificial Christmas tree.

1. Horizontal Pattern

When decorating a Christmas tree, lights are typically strung horizontally. If this is how you want to hang your Christmas lights, here are some of the things you can need to consider:

• Test your lights. It is recommended that you plug in each individual set first. This is sound advice regardless of how you choose to decorate. 
• Wrap the string of lights around the perimeter horizontally, beginning at the bottom and working your way up. The hanging pattern need not be straight. 
• For a more natural appearance, switch up the patterns and set some lights deep into the tree’s branches than others.

2. Top-and-Under Pattern

The top-and-under style can begin at either the top or bottom. Instead of making horizontal loops, weave your lights through and under the tree’s branches. Unless the tree is placed flush against a wall or in a corner, the back should also be decorated. Once the initial lighting is set up, additional layers can be added.

3. Vertical Design

The vertical approach is a newer trend that places the lights in front of the branches. Below are some best practices for doing this design:

• If you have one long strand, start at the bottom, bring it straight up, secure it, and loop it down. 
• Once you reach the bottom or the top, continue switching directions. 
• Keep the strands even; you can adjust them later if needed.

How Many Christmas Lights Do I Need For My Tree?

how many christmas lights do i need

There is no specific rule on how many lights are suitable for a particular size of Christmas tree, but a good rule of thumb is 100 lights for every foot of the tree. So, a 7-foot tree, for example, would require 700 lights.

Do Christmas Lights Increase Your Electric Bill?

how to put lights on a christmas tree electric bills

The answer will depend on the type of Christmas lights you use. Regular Christmas string lights you can buy at your nearest grocery store consume about 25 watts of energy. While a longer 100-bulb string light amps up to 500 watts. A 100-icicle string light needs about 5,500 watts to work. 

LEDs, on the other hand, require 7 times lesser than the average Christmas light. It can even go lower with the use of a low-voltage LED driver power supply. Want zero electricity cost? Why not purchase solar-powered Christmas or fairy lights instead?

How to Hang Christmas Tree Lights Outdoors?

how to put lights on a christmas tree maypole

It’s the time of the year when each household on your block have its Christmas decorations screaming HOLIDAYS! Here are a few straightforward merry and bright tricks to set up your Christmas tree outside.

It’s the same as the one mentioned above on how to put Christmas lights on a tree. First and foremost, you must ensure that you use outdoor fairy lights for your Christmas tree outside. Lights with an IP67 rating are tested to withstand the elements and offer complete protection against dust and airborne particle infiltration. In addition, if your fairy lights are rated IP67, they also have water and liquid protection – including immersion in up to one metre of water.

In addition, there are a few essential details to remember when stringing Christmas lights around an outdoor tree.

Keypoint #1. Identify focal points in your yard. A large tree with odd-shaped limbs and branches with fewer leaves can be a good choice. When done right, this will create a festive ambience at night when strung up with Christmas lights. 

You must note that the bigger the tree, the more lights you will have to string up. The last thing you would want is to decorate a tree inadequately. If this is the case, choose a tree with the size that is right for your budget.

Keypoint #2. Measure the distance from the power source to the tree. Some companies manufacture extension leads that are compatible with string lights, just like the ones made by Festoon House. They have 3 and 5-meter extension leads that are connectable and waterproof. You are sure your lights are right where you want to be and not wasted on the ground.  

Keypoint #3. For the base of the crown and lower branches, you can use a Rolling / A-frame or Gorilla ladders to ensure your safety. The choices of ladders will depend on how high you need to do the work. Safety is your priority. You wouldn’t want to spend the holidays in the hospital, would you?

Keypoint #4. For harder-to-reach areas of the tree, you can use an easy light feeder kit, aka ELF. Of course, you will need a 7-to-24-foot extension pole to go along with it. The instructions that go along with the kit are pretty straightforward; even a newbie can use it.

Keypoint #5. You can choose to hang your Christmas lights in one solid colour or throw in a mix of green, red and white. 

Keypoint #6. If you want the lights to shine brighter, double the string lights by laying them out side-by-side. Or choose string lights with bulbs that have closer proximity. 

Keypoint # 7. If you can go over the top, add some maypole lights above your tree just like the inspo.

Plug it in and enjoy your handiwork.

How To Hang Tree Lights Safely | Tips and Tricks

how to put lights on a christmas tree tips tricks

Hanging tree lights can be a challenge in itself. Hanging your Christmas lights seems like child’s play. But do you know that some people have taken this seasonal task to a new level?

Yes, some people are pros at hanging Christmas lights. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to hang those lights safely, whether on a tree or outdoors.

Tip# 1. Lay out the lights and test them individually to ensure no busted lights and connectors are working. This will save you the time and frustration of setting up your Christmas lights, only to discover midway through setting them up that some of the bulbs or connectors need to be fixed.

Tip#2. Visually split the tree into three sections vertically. Start waving those lights on the bottom section first, then winding upwards up to the tip. 

Tip#3. Leave the lights on as you hang them on the tree. This will help you identify dark spots quickly.

Tip#4. Don’t let the Christmas lights crisscross to create a net pattern. This will make it very hard to remove when the season is over. 

Tip#5. To achieve a more natural and organic feel when stringing up your Christmas lights, lay them out randomly here and there.

Tip#6. If the lights aren’t where you want them to be, the professionals suggest using a floral wire to keep that stubborn lights in place. 

Tip#7. Shear or clip those unsightly branches that tend to droop or are visually out of place.

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Are Christmas Lights Safe In Bedroom?

how to put lights on a christmas tree bedroom

Fairy lights or Christmas lights with LED light bulbs produce much less heat than traditional lights, making them safer to leave on. So, if you want to have a Christmas tree in your bedroom and keep the string lights on, you may do so.

However, most fire safety professionals recommend that you never leave any lights in your bedroom turned on overnight. It is wise to pay attention to this advice.

How Much Does It Cost To Run 100 Christmas Lights?

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Depending on the size of your display, LED lights should not significantly impact your bill. Although many LEDs only use 1.2 watts per 100 bulbs, others, especially those that flash or twinkle, may use almost twice as much power.

Other things you need to consider regarding the cost of electricity are the following:
• Christmas light designs
• How many lights do you have on display?
• The light bulbs’ wattage
• How long do you keep the lights on?
• Where in Australia do you live?
• Your electricity tariff and plan

How to Put Cluster Lights on a Christmas Tree

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Using traditional Christmas lights in decorating your Christmas tree may be a straightforward solution to levelling up the festivities in your home. The good news is there are now cluster lights to enhance the overall look of your Christmas tree. 

If your Christmas tree is already pre-lighted with a string light, adding a cluster light will make it even fuller. Cluster lights come in densely packed LED lights. These lights have a standard 9.9 ft strand of cluster lights and come with approximately 448 lights to give more glow. The spacing between LED bulbs is around 0.66cm or 0.26 inch. 

Unlike ordinary Christmas lights, where you need to line them up with a bit of precision to achieve an eye-catching visual presentation, cluster lights are relatively easy to place on a Christmas tree. 

Advantages of using cluster lights:
• Cluster lights are specifically designed so that the rest will continue to work if a bulb goes out. So if a bulb does go out. The use of cluster lights camouflages the busted base lights due to the placement density of LED bulbs. 
• A standard 7-foot tree needs 850 incandescent lights for the traditional Christmas lights. As for the Cluster lights, you will only need 1 strand to cover the entire tree without worrying about specific placements because of the bulb clusters.

We hope you found this article helpful and made a more shimmering, splendid season for you and your family. Have a sparkling Merry Christmas! 

Lastly, if you’re in the middle of your own DIY lighting project and loved any of the inspiration ideas above, get in touch using our contact page! We’d love to collaborate with you.

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