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We recommend keeping the distance between fixings under 7m apart if a support wire isn’t being used, this keeps the tension on the connectable ends to a minimum and ensures the product stays in working conditions. If a support wire has been installed, the festoon belts can be strung the entire length of the support wire.

No. All of our standard commercial festoon light bulbs are not dimmable. They are not dimmable because they are only 1 watt LED decorative bulbs which emit an unobtrusive ambient glow that won’t need dimming. We are working on a 2-watt dimmable globe which will be available in December 2020.

For dimmable globes, be see our low voltage festoon lighting range which features two choices for dimmable globes along with a compatible dimmer as an extra appliance to your order.

We have two festoon bulb spacing options of 50cm and 100cm. See below for more info on each option.

50cm globe spacing

The distance between each socket for this set of festoon lights is 50cm, which means for every 10m of festoon belts, there will be 20 sockets. 

Each end of the festoon belts has a 25cm tail fitted with a connectable end. When joining two festoon belts together the 25cm gaps on either belt will create a seamless 50cm space which matches the other 50cm bulb spacings. 

100cm globe spacing

The distance between each socket for this set of festoon lights is 100cm, which means for every 10m of festoon belts, there will be 10 sockets. 

Each end of the festoon belts has a 50cm tail fitted with a connectable end. When joining two festoon belts together the 50cm gaps on either belt will create a seamless 100cm space which matches the other 100cm bulb spacings.

If one bulb goes out, it’s merely the one bulb that needs to be changed, the rest of the festoon belt will continue to shine while you get a replacement bulb organised. Our commercial festoon belts are fitted with E27 screw-in sockets so that you can easily change bulbs in and out as you please.

Festoon House proudly offers discount trade pricing for design professionals and trade contractors around Australia. 

Apply to the program by using the contact form on the contact page or by sending an email to [email protected]

Please include your first & last name, business name, ABN, business type, phone number, business location, and website, and your purchase order list. 

Our team will review your application within one business day and if approved will provide you with your trade discount for your first order. Please note: this program is intended for customers purchasing from trade and design businesses.

Upon receiving your order, we normally ship within one business day.

The shipping times would vary depending on your location. Please see below for the estimated shipping times by state.

  • Australian Capital Territory: 1-2 business days

  • New South Wales: 1-2 business days

  • Northern Territory: 4 business days

  • Queensland: 1-4 business days

  • South Australia: 2-3 business days

  • Tasmania: 1-4 business days

  • Victoria: 1 business day

  • Western Australia: 3 business days

The 100cm globe spacing is more suitable when used as a decorative lighting feature as the light bulbs are spaced further apart from one another.

The 50cm globe spacing can be used as primary lighting in outdoor entertainment areas where there are no other sources of light. The 50cm spacing (double the bulbs as the 100cm spacing) will provide more lighting for you and your guests.

This DIY friendly product comes with all the pieces you’ll need to get the festoon lights up and running, 

Each kit contains, 1 x 1m power cord, 1 x 3m LED extension cord, and X number of festoon belts with a bulb supplied for each socket.

Choose your desired festoon belt length from the drop-down menu.

The only additional pieces you may require are :

  • Zip ties/ cable ties to attach the festoon belts to your fixing points
  • Support wire to suspend your festoon belts from if you plan to span them across distances over 7m

Standard Commercial Festoon Lights

Our festoon lights are commercial grade quality, suitable for year-round outdoor in Australia’s wet weather and harsh outdoor conditions.

The festoon lighting systems have an IP44 rating which means the sockets and the belt connections have a waterproof rating protecting them from water from all directions.

Low Voltage Festoon Lights & Fairy Lights

If purchasing our low voltage festoon lights or fairy lights, the low voltage driver included in each kit has an IP67 rating, which means the driver itself is 100% protected from dust, sand and water, along with the IP44 festoon and fairy light pieces.

Yes! We offer a 12 month warranty period on all products correctly installed as detailed in our product installation guide.

The warranty policy covers product faults itself and does not cover breakage from accidents or any other damage caused during installation by the purchaser or the contractor installing the goods.

Festoon House operates from our Sydney based warehouse. However, we don’t have a showroom available to the public; our warehouse space is strictly used for storage to keep our costs down to ensure the lowest prices available. We have a fast and reliable delivery service in place, for overnight delivery requirements, please contact us before ordering.

Our LED bulbs range from 0.6watt, 1watt, and 2watt in both the standard 240v and the 24v low voltage options.

You can purchase the bulbs individually. We also have multi-packs available which would provide you with more savings. You can see the available bulbs and accessories here to match your lighting needs.

Yes, they are connectable and only compatible with the Festoon House product range. You can connect as many 5m and 3m pieces together as you need.

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