Verandah Lighting Ideas: 27 Practical Ways and Tips to Transform Your Porch

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Incorporating your porch with verandah lighting ideas can make a huge difference in achieving a welcoming atmosphere. At the same time, these lights will provide additional security to your home.

Verandah Lighting Ideas You Need To Have

However, choosing the right outdoor lighting ideas can come as a challenge for the uninitiated. The size and purpose you’d want the patio comes into play. We’ve come up with some practical ways and tips to transform your porch at home into an experience they’ll never forget.

1. Anchor it with a Chandelier

chandelier verandah lighting ideas

Whether your verandahs ceiling is made of concrete, plywood, or other materials, this lighting design is one of your options.

You can highlight your porch with a chandelier with a few mason jars or a round jar with covers, metal wires, and a round board. 

  • Drill the board at the centre and around that hole for the hanging jars. The hanging point for the chandelier will be the middle hole. 
  • At the same time, the surrounding holes will be for the wires with jars in the end.
  • Insert the string lights in the jars through a hole in the cover and slowly work your way to the other jars. 

Hang it at the centre of your porch’s ceiling and enjoy your creation. 

2. Statement Pendant Light

statement pendant light  verandah lighting ideas

You can use the festoon rope bulb dropper coupled with a light fixture that can act as a statement pendant. The light for your entryway should be as crucial as your verandah lighting Ideas.

A statement pendant can be an appealing greeting piece for your guests before they step onto your verandah.

3. Layer up with String Lights

statement pendant light verandah lighting ideas 1

Imagine changing the mood from a serene party with just a flick of a switch. That’s what festoon lights, or string lights, can do for you.

You can use the outdoor ones that are IP44-rated. Festoon house 24V string lights can be equipped with a low voltage led dimmer that can be operated via remote control with a 15m range. 

Enjoy ten brightness levels and eight dynamic effects. It’s easy and quick to install and has a significant impact due to all the LED globes.

4. Starry Starry Night

starry starry night verandah lighting ideas

Make it cozy by creating a fairytale atmosphere. You can do this by lining your veranda rafters with festoon lights. Choose your contact points and just let them zigzag from one beam to another or wrap them from one end to the other.

This creates an illusion of a roof of stars. Let it twinkle, and you’ve got the full effect for the occasion.

5. Go Vertical

go vertical verandah lighting ideas

Lamps are usually the go-to lighting design people install on the exterior walling. Break the customary design and go for novel ones.

Fairy lights may serve a specific purpose like that of a wall light. Line up your wall or surroundings for an eye-popping facade. There are more than a handful of ways to decorate your verandah.

a. Curtain Effect

Hang them like a “curtain” effect. Set them side by side with even spacing, then let them drop downwards. Then tie the bottom end part with the top flowing from the centre and slowly arcing to the side.

b. Icicle Effect

Hang your fairy lights alternately like an icicle on each side. It’s as simple as one, two, three. You can also opt to use multiple layers for an incredible experience.

c. String Them Up

String lights with hanging bulbs are attractive alternatives if you want brighter lighting coverage. Just line them up on the corners of your patio and criss-cross on each post. This light effect shows where the magic happens.

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6. Floor Lamps

floor lamps verandah lighting ideas

Floor lighting design may not be necessary for your outdoor space. However, if you want to go all out and make your home exterior ready for unplanned parties, these outdoor lighting ideas can be a good choice.

Placing floor lamps is a helpful tool for functional lighting. Functions like leading the guests to your house interior, buffet table, sofa, Comfort room or poolside. 

This light design is a good idea to guide your guests on where to go without you having to accompany them all the way. You can say, just follow the floor lamps with smiley cutouts, for example. Or go to the brightest hanging pendant light on this corner. So on and so forth. 

Be creative and have a hassle-free and fun night. 

7. LED Strips

led strips verandah lighting ideas

Strip lights have come a long way to create modern, awesome-looking lighting ideas. Light up behind furniture,  rails, or along floor wall corners.

One fantastic feature is the RGB LED strip lights. One can change colours at the press of a button or even have them change and pulse to the beat of the music. 

Your options are limitless for sure! 

8. Light the Way

path lights verandah lighting ideas

Path lights are essential in keeping your guests from stumbling in the dark and helping accentuate the way to your porch. These lights are not just weather-resistant and waterproof but also eco-friendly. It’s energy-efficient, considering you will get your energy from the sun during the day.

9. Spiral

spiral verandah lighting ideas

Pillars are one of the structures of your home you can accentuate with lights. It is easy to dress up.

Place fairy lights along the posts spiralling from top to bottom. This will give emphasis on your patio structure.

You can also add multi-coloured string party lights in the middle to level up the festivities. This is an excellent addition to Christmas parties too.

10. Spot the Difference Design with Spotlight

spot  the difference design with spotlight verandah lighting ideas

Adding some lights to your garden areas  can enhance the overall ambience of your verandah. 

Spotlights are some of the easy-to-install lighting ideas for your outdoor space at home.

It is a great addition to highlight objects like water fountains, garden beds, the side of your house or veranda. It gives you a celebrity stature that you only see on the Hollywood red carpet. 

Create shadows by strategically placing your light closer to an object for larger shadows and away for smaller ones. Accomplish a silhouette effect by hiding the light behind an object direct it to a wall or the facade. This will illuminate the object and also create a beautiful silhouette. 

Now all you need is practically a red carpet to complete your patio look.

11. Make A Way

make a way verandah lighting ideas

If you have bushes alongside your pathway, an array of fairy lights will do. If you don’t have any vegetation, you can opt to stick posts alongside it.

Line up outdoor solar festoon lights from your sidewalk to your porch. Please note that Festoon House lights are shatterproof, IP44-rated, energy-efficient and built to last. 

If you don’t want to damage your front lawn, you can use planter posts for added effect. Here’s an article on how to make planter posts for your festoon lights. These are just some of the beautiful outdoor lighting ideas you can use.

12. The Afterglow Lighting

the afterglow verandah lighting ideas

Trees or bushes can be fitted with string lights or fairy lights to give your patio a warm and intimate glow. When the time comes, you can turn off your patio lights and switch on the surrounding lights. 

A hush-hush lighting effect can mean guests should keep the noise to a minimum. This can also be a signal to your guests that the party is winding down without actually telling them. 

A discreet way of showing your guests that the party is now over.

13. Overhead Saving

overhead lighting verandah lighting ideas

Overhead lighting is another good option for your verandah. Choose fluorescent or LED bulbs if you have a large area. It is energy-efficient because it consumes fewer units of electricity than incandescent bulbs.

14. Put 'em the Basket

wicker lantern type lighting verandah lighting ideas

Wicker lantern-type lighting is one of the pendant lighting ideas suitable for all types of rooms in your house. Depending on the design, some are best for your kitchen.

If you want to posh up your outdoor space to another level, try to add a wicker or rattan pendant light. There are tons of basket lanterns to choose from. You can even DIY at home.

Don’t worry about how to clean your rattan light. You can simply vacuum the basket. To remove the dirt and moulds, use a soft-bristle brush.

15. Keep the Air Moving

ceiling fan with lights verandah lighting ideas

There are fixtures that you can buy for dual purposes. A ceiling fan with light is perfect when you have a higher ceiling. Some have dimmer features if you like.

You should consider this idea for patio because it is a stylish and attractive fixture. Most luxury homes featured in the magazine lately have these lighting designs.

Your option is also endless because it has tons of styles and designs perfect for every room you want to install.

16. Create a Mini-Solar System

mini solar lighting design overhead lighting verandah lighting ideas

Most of us want some of our stuff to stand out. One way to do it is by finding the most unique lighting design. This fixture reminds me of a mini solar system that I used to play when I was little.

17. Hanging in the Balance

candle lighting verandah lighting ideas

Doubting this verandah lighting idea because of its name? You shouldn’t be.

It’s a statement piece that anyone likes to showcase. I’m pretty sure your guests will love the lighted candles.

18. Moonlit on the Floor

free standing floor lamp verandah lighting ideas

I have to say this is one of those room lighting ideas that is versatile and can be done outdoor.

A free-standing floor lamp may be ordinary, but not with a multi-purpose design. This is perfect for the minimalist type of person who doesn’t want to put a lot of furniture in his or her verandah.

19. The Outdoor Pit Perfect

fireplace lighting verandah lighting ideas

Firepits have become popular these days. When you browse outdoor home designs, you can probably spot inspirations with a fireplace in the background.

Firepits are essential in anyone’s home. It doesn’t only heat the space on a cold evening but also brings everyone together.

Caveat: Use firepits only during calm weather. 

20. A Dose of Pebbles

gregg floor lights verandah lighting ideas

Break the monotony and go for quirky shapes. These Gregg lights may look like eggs or pebbles. It doesn’t matter. These are just too stylish to keep on the floor, walls, or ceiling.

Here’s a rule of thumb. You can be stylish with your lighting fixtures without sacrificing the main function.

21. A Touch of Ancient

japanese paper lantern verandah lighting ideas

Paper lanterns were ancient lamps back in the 6th century. This type of lighting has evolved over the centuries.

Regardless, this paper lantern definitely adds a bold statement to your home.

22. Bring Old Bottle to Life

diy empty wine bottle verandah lighting ideas

Who doesn’t love DIY ideas? Anyone probably has an empty bottle of wine at home. If you have those unusual shapes or colours, recycle them and make them useful. Add fairy lights inside.

You have not only helped save Mother Earth but also got an additional light decor for your verandah.

23. Let it Shine

cubes verandah lighting ideas

Light-up cubes are very common in many pubs and clubs. But these chairs can also be used at home.

Whether you are in the mood for an indoor party or simply a quiet evening chillin’ out in your outdoor space. These cubes are perfect either way.

24. Go Giant

giant lamps verandah lighting ideas

Lamps come in different shapes and sizes. Go for giant ones, as these are great for larger spaces. It also serves as decor and allows you to maximize the floor space creatively.

25. Vintage is In

vintage lighting fixture verandah lighting ideas

Nothing beats a lighting fixture made of natural materials like wood and hemp rope. This wall lamp is perfect for your outdoor space, living room and bedroom.

If you are a DIY-er, you can easily make this at home. All you need are the following:

  • Wooden pallet
  • Festoon light rope dropper pendant
  • Warm white LED light bulbs

26. A Piece of Moroccan

verandah lighting ideas

Outdoor moroccan lamps add an exotic edition to your patio design.

When choosing one, stick with warm color. Don’t buy the “bright white” or “daylight” bulbs. These bulbs will ruin the effect of your Moroccan lamps or lanterns.

27. Candles, Cookie Jars, and Sands

candles cookie jars sand verandah lighting ideas 1

Empty wine bottles are not the only ones that need recycling. Unused cookie jars can be upcycled too.

This is a very easy DIY patio project. All you need are the following:

  • unused cookie jars
  • candles
  • some sand

Besides these outdoor lighting ideas, you can also add different-sized accents on your porch to add depth. You can also repurpose what you already have for a more personal touch without breaking the bank. These are but a few ideas to give you a good start.

Of course, you can choose from a wide array of bulbs from Festoon House. That all depends on your liking.

And one last thing, if you’re in the middle of your own DIY lighting project and loved any of the inspiration ideas above, get in touch using our contact page! We’d love to collaborate with you.

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