9 Cozy And Romantic Pergola Lighting Ideas For A Mesmerizing Spot

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Mesmerizing your guests with cozy and romantic outdoor lighting or pergola lighting ideas can be challenging. Good thing you have come across us, so you don’t have to worry anymore.

Pergola Lighting Ideas: What Lights to Put In Pergola?

We’ve narrowed down a few lists that you can choose from to let that romance echo through the night sky. Worry no more and choose from the lists below, be it lighting up the walkway, lighting for patio, sitting area, posts, cross beams or open lattice.

Here are some pergola lighting ideas you surely want to have in your home.

1. Firepit

firepit Pergola Lighting Ideas

Who doesn’t want a firefit? It simply gathers everyone together and sparks meaningful conversation.

Trivia: An outdoor fire pit has a relaxing benefit.

2. Fairy String Lights

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There are so many options when you try to decorate your pergola with fairy lights. Now depending on the design of your pergola, you can do any or all of the following:

  1. Wrap your rafters. This will nullify any dark areas across and use all needed space.
  2. Wrap your posts or columns in a spiral manner for more visual impact.
  3. Go across the beams.
  4. Place fairy lights in mason jars. You can opt to hang them across the rafter or just place them on the ground randomly.

3. Chandelier

Chandelier   Pergola Lighting Ideas

There are more than a handful of designs in the market today. However, some may find it a bit extravagant. You can make a DIY chandelier using an old board, a number of Low Voltage 1W S14 Warm White Bulb and a black Edison dropper.

How to:

  1. Install sidings for the board so it would look like a tabletop only upside down.
  2. Drill holes on where you want the lights placed.
  3. Sand them to a smooth.
  4. Place wood polish
  5. Remove the bulbs, and then stick the base through the holes and attach the white bulbs again. You can also use dropper pendants on some of the bulbs.

4. Curtain Lights

Curtain Lights   Pergola Lighting Ideas

You can opt to hang fairy string lights on all sides of the pergola.

How to:

  1. Hang it from the top down to the bottom.
  2. When that’s done, choose the middle part of the lights and swipe them to the side.
  3. Tie each to the post creating an angle from the top to the bottom in a curtain-like fashion.

Amaze your guests with this simple creativity. To add more of a wow factor, you can also add S14 Warm White LED Light Bulbs in between fairy lights for the part you want to use as a backdrop.

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5. Hanging Pendant Festoon Lights

Hanging Pendant Festoon Lights Pergola Lighting Ideas 2 e1677740901560

Your imagination is your limit if you choose to have hanging pendant festoon lights for your pergola. One great combination is the use of frosted warm white bulb string lights with a light rope dropper pendant.

You can create a wave-like formation using the drop pendants popping out of your rafters, an arch or random drops here and there. That depends on you. Make your night worth remembering with the love of your life.

6. Hanging Solar Lanterns

Hanging Solar lantern   Pergola Lighting Ideas

Fascinate your guests or special someone by hanging lanterns on chosen spots in and around your pergola. Capture some of their facial expressions to create mystery and romance.

7. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns   Pergola Lighting Ideas

Attach paper lanterns to any festoon string lights to create a romantic mood for the night. There are a ton of designs that you can choose online or even do a DIY for a more personal touch.

This is one of the pergola lighting ideas that has unlimited options. Talk about the colour variations, sizes and shapes you can use. And most of all, they are pretty cost-efficient.

We also have commercial-grade solar festoon lights where you can hang the paper lanterns. Who says you can’t be a romantic without breaking the bank?

8. Icicle Waterfall Fairy String Curtain Lights

Icicle Waterfall Fairy String Curtain Lights   Pergola Lighting Ideas

Icicle waterfall fairy string curtains lights hanging from the top of your structure can be one of the best pergola lighting ideas. The waterfall or icicle effect can give a Cinderella-like atmosphere.

Check your calendar to know when Luna is at its full display for an ultimate tingle down her spine.

9. LED Strips

LED Strips  Pergola Lighting Ideas 2

This lighting design is no-brainer. All you need to do is install the LED strips on the beams or rafters. This pergola lighting idea is also great if the structure comes with planters.

When creating any of these pergola lighting ideas, remember that spacing is crucial in creating a romantic and cozy ambience. Don’t forget the special food, great wine, and romantic music.

Of course, above all the preparations, prepare each moment leading to that with that special someone

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