9 Brilliant Patio Lighting Ideas for a Party-Ready Backyard

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Having backyard party lights installed purposely is a clever thing to do for a party-ready patio. So we’ve come up with a few brilliant patio lighting ideas to get you started.

9 Cool Patio Lighting Ideas You Can Easily Install

Some parties or celebrations are unplanned. Foods are probably easy to prepare because you can order instantly from Menulog, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, etc.

You might have a great outdoors, but if the lights are not ready. Captured moments are not Instagram-worthy.

To ensure you got your backyard ready for any home celebrations, here are some simple patio lighting ideas you can easily install.

1. Artificial Fence Hedge with Fairy Lights

Artificial Fence Hedge with Fairy Lights Patio Lighting Ideas 1

If you have a large backyard, you can have an artificial fence hedge installed to separate the patio from your yard.

Dress up your artificial fence hedge with black cable commercial fairy lights on the inner side. This way, the black cable will be less visible during the night. Making your lights pop out even more.

Having different lighting designs between your hedged patio and backyard will create an illusion of more spaces within the space. It’s also a great way to separate the intimate party from the festive one.

Know which of your guests are party animals and which ones are party goers.

2. Poolside Lighting

Poolside Lighting Patio Lighting Ideas 2

Line up your poolside with LED colour balls. Get the party going by choosing from 16 colours using a remote control. It also has 4 lighting modes.

Choose rechargeable ones, which means you can place them wherever you need to. You can make the lights a steady dimmable white to visually bring your party to a close.

3. Paper Bag Luminaries

Paper Bag Luminaries Patio Lighting Ideas 3

Other than the apparent reason for lighting up your pathway, the use of flickering LED tea lights and paper bags can create countless motifs. You can make cutouts on the paper bags depending on the occasion.

Same lighting sequence but the paper bag cutouts visually give away the reason for the celebration even before the party begins. Very cost-efficient as it is timeless.

These lighting ideas for patios bring a nostalgic traditional ambience to a modern setting. It could possibly bring you down memory lane.

4. Multi-coloured String Party Lights on Your Rafters

Multi coloured String Party Lights on Your Rafters Patio Lighting Ideas 4

You can zig-zag the rafters of your patio with multi-coloured string party lights for that ultimate party vibe. If you have the one that can also sync with your music, that would be way cooler for sure.

If you have a detached patio, you can choose to line the lights all the way to the backside of your house.

Another option for this patio lighting idea is to install a different lighting sequence from your back wall to your patio. This creates a transition from one area to the next.

This makes your ambience a little less monotonous.

5. Music Sync RGB Strip Lights

Music Sync RGB Strip Lights Patio Lighting Ideas 5

RGB strip lights can be one of the most effective, mood-boosting tools for outdoor lighting patio ideas. You have an almost seemingly endless number of colour options with just one strip to fit the party vibe.

It’s so easy to install because of the adhesive back. You can line up on your fence, furniture, appliances, and wall corners, just to name a few. The pulsating feature adds more oomph for every beat and rhythm to the music.

The multiple colour features can be controlled through the app or remote control. Thus, it allows you to change the mood or party atmosphere on a whim. This will make your backyard the most party-ready as it can be.

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6. DIY Outdoor Planter Pole Lights

DIY Outdoor Planter Pole Lights Patio Lighting Ideas 6

Concrete floors? No problem! Use planter pole lights. Stick the pole in a sturdy concrete planter, and voila!

You can add a plant for a more garden feel and set them wherever you desire in your open patio or backyard.

How To Do this Patio Lighting Idea:

  1. Line your festoon lights and set them on the tip of each pole.
  2. You can either tie them up or screw in a hook near the end of the rod.

Feel free to lay them out in whichever direction layout you think looks great to complement your area.

Safety Tips:

  1. The higher the pole, the wider your plant box should be. This is to prevent it from toppling over accidentally due to strong winds or getting bumped by guests.
  2. You can opt for a ready-to-use concrete mix to permanently fix your poles in the planter box to add stability.
  3. Make sure your cement is fully set.
  4. For drainage, add a little pea gravel before adding your potting soil and plants.

Note: The more planter pole lights, the wider your layout options.

7. Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Patio Lighting Ideas 7

Do you want to accentuate some part of your house, landscape, or backyard piece? Spotlight landscape lighting is one of the ways to do it. It adds to the drama, style, and sophisticated atmosphere.

These are stuff we see on the Hollywood red carpet. It will make your guests feel like a star and elevate your party.

8. Centre Pole String Lights

Centre Pole String Lights Patio Lighting Ideas 8

If you have a large area, installing a centre pole is one of the cool backyard lighting ideas you can choose to have.

How To Do This Patio Lighting Idea:

  1. Choose the pole just a few feet higher than your fence.
  2. Attach a festoon lighting splitter on the tip, and you will be able to split your outdoor string lights in 5 different directions.

It’s far more convenient and secure. Setting up and taking down the lights will be a walk in the park.

A higher centre pole will create a teepee-like structure while the lighting splitter gives a wheel effect. In addition, you have fewer crisscrossing wires that can be an eyesore.

For energy-efficient tips: Use outdoor solar festoon lights.

9. Hanging Fairy Lights in Mason Jars

Hanging Fairy Lights in Mason Jars Patio Lighting Ideas 9

Brighten your party with more cool patio lighting ideas by hanging fairy lights in mason jars. Some come with solar panels on their covers, so you won’t worry about charging them. 

This is wonderful for an intimate party. You can hang them on your trees, rafters, or ceiling, place them on the floors, or set them on your table. It’s all up to you.

The opportunities for patio lighting ideas are seemingly endless. Just keep extra safety measures in mind to not ruin your party. So enjoy and dance to the music!

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