11 Amazing Indoor Party Lighting Ideas – Easy DIY Tips

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Lighting up your home indoors during a party can be challenging and stressful. The pressure to make an impression on your family and friends can also be nerve-wracking. Not to worry, though; we've come up with the 11 best party lighting ideas for you to choose from.

11 Simple Yet Breathtaking Party Lighting Ideas For Indoor Events

Aside from these simple yet breathtaking party lighting ideas, this article also has some tips. So, make sure to read towards the end.

1. Hanging Pendant Festoon Lights

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You can light up your hallways with hanging pendant festoon lights. It is one of the smooth ways to transition from your sunset area to another room where your food or refreshments are served.

2. Sunset Projection Lamp

Sunset Projection Lamp  Party Lighting Ideas festoon lighting

The party may be indoors, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful golden sunset. With the sunset projection lamp, you set the mood while the party has not yet started.

Some sunset lamps can also be programmed to display different color schemes. So it’s best to get those instead of the ordinary ones.

3. LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights Party Lighting Ideas festoon lighting 6

Line up your room corners, floors, the back of your furniture or appliances, or wherever you desire with these LED strip lights. Get the party started by having it change colors and sync with the beat.

4. Sound Activated Strobe Lights

sound activated strobe lights indoor party lighting ideas

The strobe lights  can also be a great addition to your strip lights. Fill the void with strobe lights that dance to the music.

5. Laser Bulbs

lazer bulbs festoon lighting indoor party lighting ideas

The simplest way to add more color to your house is through these still laser light bulbs. All you need to do is, replace your standard bulbs with these and let the party begin!

Works for standard E26/E27 bulb sockets too!

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6. Fairy Lights in a Jar

Fairy Lights in a Jar Party Lighting Ideas festoon lighting 3

This is a cute way to keep your bar or tabletop lit. Place the fairy lights in a glass jar and place them strategically to create a visual balance or an ambiance at a specific corner.

Watch your guests hover to admire them. It is one of those party lighting ideas that can spark a good conversation.

7. 3D Hologram Fan

3D Hologram Fan indoor party lighting ideas

Mystify your guest with different holographic designs of your own choosing with the 3D hologram advertising display fan. A party within a party, if you ask me.

Dancing to the music with visuals that will entertain them until the break of dawn.

8. Galaxy Lights Projector

Galaxy Lights Projector Party Lighting Ideas festoon lighting 4

Sometimes the simplest of things, like this galaxy light projector, can make a massive impression at parties.

Enjoy 24 visual combinations, 4 brightness levels, and 4 speeds. Come to think of it, having a galaxy in the comfort of your home.

9. Multi-Colour String Party Lights

Multi Colour String Party Lights Party Lighting Ideas 7

Hanging these multicolored string party lights on your doorways, ceilings, and anywhere indoors can create a festive spirit from ordinary parties to Christmas parties. You can never go wrong with this one.

10. Christmas Tree Worthy

These white low-voltage commercial festoon lights can be interconnected to go around your Christmas tree, or an indoor tree without leaves will work.

You can just sit down and watch these lights glow.

11. Curtain Lights

Curtain Lights Party Lighting Ideas festoon lighting 2

You can create a nostalgic backdrop with the frosted warm light bulb or hanging pendant festoon lights.

Line them up on a wall vertically and at an even distance, and you’re sure to have a nice lighted room and cozy ambiance. This will be an excellent backdrop for great photos.

Basic Reminders For These Party Lighting Ideas

Here is some gentle reminder when setting up or taking down these simple lighting setups for indoor parties. Safety is always a priority. Here are some safety tips to put in mind.

a. To avoid getting electrocuted, make sure to remember the following:

  • Your hands are dry when handling and plugging in the lights.
  • Hold the adapter end of the cord on its housing. Make sure your fingers aren’t touching the pins.
  • Check if the pins are not loose.
  • Double-check for any exposed wirings due to slices or rodent chewing.
  • Install a ground fault circuit interrupter for additional protection from electrical shocks. Hiring a professional to do this would be best.

b. Dealing with wiring issues due to flickering lights? Unless you’re a professional, make sure the power is turned off completely. That includes the light control breaker.

c. Unless your bulbs are shatterproof, like the Festoon lights, protect the light bulb by placing a cover if exposed to extreme heat. The heat from the bulb plus excess heat from a stove or other lighting fixtures can cause it to shatter. Better safe than sorry.

d. Follow wattage requirements. Exceeding that can cause electrical problems, fixture failure, and bulbs to shatter.

c. Ensure the bulb has been given enough time to cool off before changing it to avoid getting burned. Wearing work gloves is a necessity as bulbs have the tendency to shatter when being changed.

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So take your pick and make the best of these party lighting ideas for your indoor events. Simple yet worth remembering.

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