How to hang fairy lights outside – Easy Installation Guide

Follow these quick, simple steps to install our outdoor fairy lights at home in your garden or backyard with very few tools, and time required. It’s a fun DIY weekend project with a beautiful final product to look forward to at project completion. Our outdoor fairy lights are suitable for all weather conditions and public spaces[1].

Tools & Equipment Required

Before getting started you’ll need some essential equipment to get the job done. The following tools are the bare minimum required to hang fairy lights in a backyard.

  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • hanging hooks or screw eyes
  • electric drill
  • ladder
  • zip ties
  • snips or cutters (for cutting zip tie excess)
  • outdoor led fairy lights

If you’re planning for a more elaborate installation let us know in the comments below, we’ll be happy to assist!

Step 1. Determine Pattern & Hanging Fixing Points

Lay the outdoor fairy lights on the floor in the pattern you want to have them strung up in the air. Use the connectable ends and junctions to customise the system to suit your space. (keep your power source location in mind when planning this step). Determine where you’ll be hanging the fairy lights from in your garden and mark the spot with your pencil. We recommend keeping the fixing points at least 3.2m above ground level.

Pro Tip: Make it easy for yourself use your garden surroundings, whether it be your wooden fence, brick wall,  ceiling, trees, or pergola.

Step 2. Drill Pilot Holes, and Install Fixing Points

Now that you’ve got your fixing points marked around the yard, it’s time to get your hands dirty! We’ll start by using the electrical to drill a small pilot hole for each of the marked points, be sure to really ream out the burrs so that you don’t have any trouble screwing in the hooks.

Using the pilot holes as a guide carefully screw each of the hooks or screw eyes in tightly, ensuring there is no way they may come loose. Once you’ve tightened as much as you can by hand, stick a screwdriver through the hook and use the leverage to wind it in just a few turns more.

Step 3. Hanging Your Lights!

Starting at the power plug end, begin attaching the LED fairy lights to the fixing points using zip ties. Play around with how much distance you allow between each of the fixing points to reach the desired height above your entertaining area.

Pro Tip: Generally around 3m between the ground and your fairy lights are the perfect heights to safely be out of harm’s way still give off an impactful warm glow.

Step 4. Plug ’em In and Enjoy!

The fourth, final, and funnest step, light em up! Connect the power plug to the power outlet and switch on your new outdoor fairy lights. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new outdoor entertaining party area!

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