How Many Festoon Lights Do I Need?

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Festoon lighting brings out a stylish, aesthetic, and eye-catching outcome. Unfortunately, the question “how many festoon lights do I need?” is often unanswered for most people. If you face the same dilemma, this article highlights some factors that determine the number of festoon lights required. 

Common Asked Questions About How To Determine Festoon Lights Length

Below are a few questions that can help you determine the number of hanging festoon lights you need.

How Many Festoon Lights Do You Need?

Ideally, the number of hanging festoon lights required for your backyard or indoor room depends on the following; 

1. Size of the space
One major factor to consider is the size of the space. You’ll need more festoon lighting to light up a large area. 

2. Preferred pattern
There are different patterns of installing backyard festoon lights. You should choose a pattern that brings out the most aesthetic appeal of your desired space. Common hanging designs include; 

  •  X-pattern
  • zig-zag W pattern
  • V pattern
  • Scalloped square pattern

Even in a standard space, these patterns require varying  string lengthswhich is necessary to determine the number of festoon lights in the backyard.

3. Required brightness
Festoon lights in the backyard aren’t solely meant to beautify the space. They also provide some degree of lighting. 

If the indoor and outdoor spaces require brightness, then you need more festoon lights to meet the need. 

Reminder: The brightness of these bulbs depends on the lumen and not wattage. The more lumens an LED festoon bulb has, the brighter it is. 

How Far Apart Should Festoon Lights Be?

You can install festoon lights in your backyard, indoor rooms, or commercial space. However, before purchasing the lights, make sure that you have the right measurements of the area. 

Understanding these dimensions will help you decide the length of festoon light required and whether you need extra cables, wiring, or hooks. 

While there are no specified distance requirements on how you should space your festoon lights, spacing these lights should be based on several factors. 

For starters, you should take note of the hanging festoon lights lumen. You should space the lights more if you want to use bright festoon lights. The brightest festoon bulb has 285lms. Fortunately, most of these lights can be dimmed. 

Your festoon light bulb of choice also determines how to space your festoon bulbs. Festoon lights are available in various bulb choices, including the LED, Edison, and coloured ones. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and produce much light.

Edison bulbs are nostalgic and produce a classic glow perfect for events. Colored bulbs come in different colors that influence the brightness of the bulb. LED bulbs should be more spaced than Edison or colored bulbs. 

The number of festoon lights required depends on several components. You should evaluate the size of the space, choose a pattern, identify appropriate brightness level, and light spacing. Learning the different ways of hanging festoon lights comes in handy.

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