9 Stunning Garden Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

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Are you scouring the net for garden lighting ideas to light up your backyard? Check out these smart garden lights for your outdoor space.

Top Garden Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard Space

Garden lighting systems may enhance all types of lawn designs seamlessly. It not only transforms a dull or dark outdoors into a magical landscape but also improves safety passage along the stairs and pathways.

To get you started, below are a few stunning garden lighting ideas:

1. Use Solar Lights In Your Front Garden 

solarlights Stunning Garden Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard festoon lighting

Solar lights are among the popular garden security lighting ideas. These garden lights enhance your security system aside from lighting the pathway.

When choosing solar lights for your garden, opt for solutions with sensors or timers. This lighting system won’t be a nuisance to your neighbors and will reduce energy consumption.

2. Use Directional Lights To Highlight Key Garden Features 

Directional lighting Stunning Garden Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard festoon lighting
Directional lights offer a lot to your garden landscape. For this garden lighting idea, choose between up-lighters and spike spotlights.
Uplighters are installed in raised beds to illuminate trees and garden vegetation. These are best used to create shadows, highlight, backlight, and wall washing the backyard.
Spike spotlights are fixed into the ground with cables running through plant beds. They are recessed but can be tilted in different directions to focus on specific elements in the garden.

3. Use Wall Lighting To Create A Versatile Patio 

Wall Light Stunning Garden Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard festoon lighting

Patios are versatile outdoor spaces that can be utilized day or night. If you like staying out on your patio at night, you have endless garden lighting options.

Regardless of the style or size of your patio, wall lights are atmospheric, practical, and excellent task lighting.

4. Use Festoon Lights To Accentuate Trees

festoon lights hanging on tree

Garden landscapes punctuated with shrubs, trees, and other vegetation greatly benefit from festoon lights. Trailing festoon lights on your trees create an instant warm and appealing atmosphere.

These garden lights are available in a variety of options for different settings. Thus, it’s essential to know the distinct characteristics of these lights, and choose lighting solutions that fit your garden design.

Before buying your festoon lights, consider the following:

  • Size of the space
  • IP rating
  • Voltage

You can improve the garden lighting scheme by using different bulb colours and temperatures in other trees.

Now, most importantly. Festoon lights can also be energy-efficient when you use outdoor solar festoon lights.

5. Use Recessed Lights To Illuminate The Steps

Recessed Lights Stunning Garden Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard festoon lighting

Recessed lights provide practical and aesthetic benefits as outdoor lights. You can illuminate your steps from the side, above, or below.

Lighting the steps’ primary purpose is to make the pathway safe. Thus, you need to minimize glare. The best way is to aim lights across the steps to avoid pointing straight into your face.

6. Consider Outdoor Wildlife For Fence Light

Fence Light Stunning Garden Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard festoon lighting

Most homeowners forget the importance of outdoor wildlife when planning their garden lights. Lights significantly impact wildlife, who rely on the rising and setting sun to direct their biological clock. 

Artificial lights can throw them into a flux. While there are many garden lighting ideas for your fence to minimize impact, you should position them low, fit hoods, and use dim bulbs. Also, avoid white and blue bulbs. 

7. Use Multiple Light Colours in your Outdoor Structures 

multi coloured festoon lights for garden

Using rainbow festoons or colourful lanterns is another option to transform your dark, dull garden. Thread hanging lights on a tree or pergola to improve your garden atmosphere.

You can also install LEDs with multiple shades that are easily programmable to create intriguing colour-changing patterns. Below are a few dos and don’ts of using colour combos. 


  • Do use complementary colours
  • Do take your time to learn the colour wheel
  • Do understand that colour changes according to the surroundings 


  • Don’t mix more than four colours
  • Don’t use Christmas lights

8. Add More Drama With Outdoor Fairy Lights 

fairy lights hanging on a tree

Gardens and outdoor spaces are increasingly becoming permanent living spaces, especially during favorable weather conditions. This has blurred boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.

With this, your fairy lights can be an excellent addition to your outdoors. However, these can’t be your everyday designs. They should be specially designed for the outdoors. Outdoor fairy lights should have appropriate IP, mostly IP44 and above.

9. Improve Garden Charm With Lanterns And Candles

garden lanterns Stunning Garden Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard festoon lighting

You can also light your backyard garden using temporary lights, such as candles and lanterns. Improvised garden lighting ideas appeal better than you can imagine.

Achieving this is simple, especially for DIY enthusiasts. Simply wrap the lights around arbors and arches or drape them in pots, baskets, and trees. The only issue is they shouldn’t be left outside every time. You should protect them from rain and other harsh weather conditions.

While outdoor spaces look stunning under the sun, this beauty quickly fades behind the darkness. As such, homeowners should adopt various garden lighting ideas. Fortunately, many stunning garden lighting ideas improve your garden’s appearance, feel, and functionality.

Do not limit your designs to traditional ground-level lights. Explore high-rise festoon lights and other lighting ideas that bring out the sculptural beauty of your backyard garden.

It is worth noting that backyard lights highly differ from interior lights. Contact Festoon House for quality and durable backyard lights and accessories.

9 Stunning Garden Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

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