Fairy Light Ideas: 30 Amazing Ways To Use String Lights At Home

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How many fairy light ideas can you think of besides wrapping them around the Christmas tree? If you think fairy lights are the same as Christmas lights and are only used during the traditional holiday, then you are in for a treat.

Check out this blog for some inspirations on how to use fairy lights at home.

30 Creative Ways To Use Fairy Lights At Home

Where else can you use fairy lights? Contrary to what others think, these string lights are versatile. It can be used anytime and anywhere. Allow me to show you how. 

These lighting ideas are easy to recreate. Some of the materials are recycled, or probably most of the items are already in your house.

Fairy Light Ideas for Bedroom

The fairy lights bedroom ideas featured in this blog can transform your space into a fascinating sanctuary. 

1. Chandelier Style

Chandelier Style Lights fairy light ideas

Fairy lights chandeliers are not just bedroom decor that adds pizzazz. It can also be the source of the main light in your room.

The chandelier-style is one of the fairy light ideas that you can easily DIY. All you need are:

  • White fairy lights
  • A hula hoop
  • Cable ties
  • A ceiling hook
  • A white ribbon for hanging
  • A starter cable

Everything is so easy to assemble. You may add a faux vine or flowers for an all-year-round spring vibe.

2. Headboard Focal Point

Headboard Focal Point Lights fairy light ideas

Ditch the usual statement headboard and go for a unique focal point like hanging textured tree branches with fairy string lights.

And I would say, this headboard fairy lights idea never fails to capture anyone’s attention

3. String Fairy Lights and Polaroid

String Fairy Lights and Polaroid fairy light ideas

Whether you opt for ready-to-use photo clip string lights or make it a DIY project for your bedroom makeover, this is one of the several lighting ideas that will never get outdated.

If you have led fairy lights, all you need is to pin them across your walls and peg your polaroids to your string lights.

4. Fairy String Lights Canopy

Whimsical Canopy fairy light ideas

Here’s another no-brainer hanging fairy lights idea. Whether your bed frame comes with a canopy and posters or not, this string fairy lights idea is simple to recreate.

If you do not have a canopy and posters, install ceiling-mounted bars to hang your fairy lights and sheer curtains. And Voila! You have whimsical canopy fairy lights in your room.

5. Boho-Inspired

boho inspired curtain fairy light ideas

Like canopy lighting, airy string curtain lights are easy to install when you have posters in your bed frame.

If you don’t have these posters, your other option is to install industrial curtain rods as shown in the photo above. Then hang your sheer curtains and string lights.

6. Vanity Table

vanity table lights fairy light ideas

Aside from the bed, where to put fairy lights in the bedroom? Another spot to decorate is the vanity mirror. Do away with table lamps and use fairy lights instead.

For this string light design, you can lay the fairy lights on the table and pin them on the mirror frame. Another option is to place the fairy lights in a clear glass vase.

7. Illuminated Word

Illuminated Word Light fairy light ideas

The wall in your room can be a huge whiteboard to let your thoughts glow. All you need to do is use a gauge utility wire to shape the word you want to hang on your wall. Then,  wrap it with fairy lights.

8. Constellation Ceiling

constellation ceiling fairy light ideas

If you have a kid or two, making their ceiling like a canvas and decorating it with fairy lights would hit their soft spot. This is part of creating a magical childhood they would cherish.

I should know because I have a bunch of nieces and nephews who love their parents for it. This fairy lights design is my personal favourite.

Fairy Light Decor Ideas for Living Room

Aside from the bedroom, another area to illuminate your home using fairy string lights is the living room. The inspo we provided are some fancy ways to spruce up your family room with these decorative lights.

9. Faux Fireplace

faux fire place fairy light ideas

Lighting a fire in your fireplace every night may not be necessary. But it doesn’t mean you can’t maximize its purpose of illuminating the room.

Simply add some string lights, solar lanterns, and candles with the piled wood in place. This lighting design gives you that cozy feel.

10. Decorative Tree Light

decorative tree fairy light ideas

Do you want to have a Christmas tree all year round? This is the way to have it.
This decorative tree light is perfect for a corner light, especially if you want a dimmer surrounding.

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11. Classic Curtains Glow for Walls, Glass Windows, and Sliding Doors

Classic curtain fairy light ideas

Nothing is ordinary with curtain lights. It never fails to transform the space with exquisite ambience.

12. Repurposed Ladder Shelf

repurposed ladder shelf fairy light ideas
Another fantastic way to brighten the atmosphere of your living room is to repurpose an old ladder. This rustic decor can serve many purposes. You can add frames, candles, books or succulents.

13. Hanging Chair

hanging chair fairy light ideas

Level up your space into a magical haven by adding fairy lights to your hanging chair. Next to a love seat or couch for your home, a hanging chair is a place to cuddle, especially during cold weather.

14. Staircase Railings

staircase railings fairy light ideas
Adding fairy lights on the railings of the staircase becomes a traditional home decor during Christmas. If you like to keep them all year round, try adding some faux vine to make it not-so-traditional.

15. Twinkling Room Divider

twinkling room divider fairy light ideas

Shoji blinds are common room dividers. This traditional Japanese interior is ideal for separating some parts of the house.

But, you can break the mould! Instead of the conventional shoji blinds, go for glass panel folding. Add stunning fairy lights for a festive atmosphere.

String Light Ideas for Other Rooms in the House

In addition to fairy light ideas for living room, below are some inspo for other part of the house like bathroom and kitchen.

16. Exotic Bathroom Feels

exotic bathroom feels fairy light ideas

This bathroom interior is not for the timid. It takes boldness to pull off this tropical theme. All the more when you spruce it up with string lights. Can we hear a yay or nay from any bloke out here?

17. Indoor Dining Canopy

indoor dining canopy fairy light ideas

Another classic lighting idea that most people find appealing is the canopy of lights. While others typically have these outdoors, this idea can also be done in the kitchen.

18. Kitchen Shelf

kitchen shelf fairy light ideas

Finding the perfect task lighting for your kitchen should not be a problem. However, adding illumination under a shelf is brilliant.

You thought you didn’t need it but try adding one; you’ll thank me for the extra light it provides.

Decor Ideas Using String Lights for Outdoor Space

And while festoon lights are the most popular outdoor lighting ideas, the commercial fairy lights are also one of the lighting trends today for your outdoor space at home.

19. Rustic Mason Jar Wall Decor Lighting Ideas

rustic mason jar wall fairy light ideas

We’ve seen several ways to decorate a mason jar. One of which is to place fairy lights in it. But don’t merely place the mason jar with fairy lights on a sofa table or desk.

You can use it as wall lights outdoors. Embellish the mason jar fairy lights by adding faux flowers on the lid. Hang it on a decorative wall hook screwed on a wood pallet for an added rustic flair.

20. Wooden Pallet Flower Pot Holder Light

flower pot holder fairy light ideas

Potted plants are great in your patio area, pergola, or verandah area. If you have a wooden pallet flower pot holder hanging on your wall, you can amp it up with fairy lights.

Caveat:Make sure to place the electrical outlet for your string lights away from the planter’s drainage to avoid getting wet from water leakage.

21. Sparkling Watering Can

watering can fairy light ideas

Another spectacular way of decorating your patio is upcycling your watering can with fairy lights. If you do not have a watering can, you might have a galvanized teapot in your garden storage shed.

22. Glowing Bicycle Fairy Light

glowing bicycle fairy light ideas

Don’t throw away your broken and rusty bicycle in your garage. If we have a sparkling watering can, a glowing old bike is not such a terrible lighting idea.

You can opt to cover the rust with silver spray paint. Then, wrap the fairy lights around the wheels, frame, seat, and handlebars.

Note: If you want to know how to use the spray paint correctly, check out this quick tutorial from Ace.

23. Pergola Swing with String Lights

pergola swing fairy light ideas

Swings are not only tied to the branches of a tree. If you have the macrame hammock, you would want to place it in your pergola.

Nothing is more fantastic than having fairy lights and solar festoon lights installed in this classical outdoor structure. Imagine those relaxing evenings sitting on the macrame hammock.

More Ideas for Home Decor

There are still more ways to use stunning fairy lights. These ideas below can be placed anywhere you please.

24. Twine Balls

twine balls fairy light ideas

Twine balls are easy to DIY. You simply need coloured twines, a balloon, and a Mod Podge. Once done putting the twine together, add a string of lights.

25. Glimmer Lantern

glimmer lantern fairy light ideas

This decorative lantern is versatile. You can put it indoors or outdoor. Take your pick. And whichever you choose, you can be confident that this fairy lights lantern adds a gorgeous glow to any space of your house.

26. Hanging Indoor Planter

hanging indoor planter fairy light ideas

Transform a dull corner of your home into a fancy one by adding string lights to a hanging plant. Create mini colourful twine balls, and add them to each fairy light bulb.

27. Tall Mirror

tall mirror fairy light ideas

We all know adding a tall mirror in the room gives the illusion of having a spacious space. This is one of the tricks in interior design, especially if you have a small living room or bedroom.

Don’t just add a plain mirror. Make it charming by adding string lights.

28. Floating Wooden Shelf

floating wooden shelf fairy light ideas

Floating wooden shelves are trending these days. Make this home decor more elaborate by adding fairy lights to it.

29. Improvised Boho Driftwood Art

improvised boho driftwood art fairy light ideas

Boho driftwood art is perfect for wall decor for people who love rustic interior design. And this inspiration is easy to recreate.

30. Wooden Crates

wooden crates fairy light ideas

Those wooden crates sitting on the bottom shelf need some love. For an added touch, chuck some string lights, and you’ll see how ordinary things suddenly become functional.

There you go, mate! Thirty fabulous fairy light ideas to illuminate your bedroom, living room, and outdoor space. See, these string light ideas are so easy to DIY.

And, the next time someone asks you, “what you can do with fairy lights?” You can share these inspirations with the person. I’m pretty sure they will love the lighting ideas for their ideal home.

Lastly, if you’re in the middle of your own DIY lighting project and loved any of the inspiration ideas above, get in touch using our contact page! We’d love to collaborate with you.

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