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Decorating your bedroom can be a challenge. And furnishing your bedroom with hanging pendant lights? It might be so because they come in various shapes, styles, and sizes.

But just how do you make a mix and match fixtures to bring out the best in your room?

35 Fantastic Pendant Lighting Ideas for Bedroom

A common question people ask is, “Can you hang a pendant light in a bedroom?” The answer is you certainly can.

As you probably notice, coffee table magazines usually feature bedroom pendant lights as an alternative to bedside table lamps. Indeed, that’s a classic, timeless lighting design.

However, if you are open to alternative bedside lamp ideas, we listed 35 bedroom hanging pendant lights ideas here. This list surely guides you how to amp up your space.

1. Overhead Shelf

overhead shelf bedroom hanging pendant lights

An overhead shelf on your bed would be an excellent spot to hang pendant lighting. You can have them in different lengths laid out from left to right.

The choice of bulb types would also give an unusual lighting pattern.

2. L-bracket Plug-in

L bracket plug in bedroom hanging pendant lights

Simplicity at its finest. You can have it with a bulb only or attach a lampshade for added visual impact.

3. Townshend Scandi Bedside Table Lamp

townshend scandi table lamp bedroom hanging pendant lights

Instead of attaching your lights to your ceiling, you can use what you have at home. A side table would be used to place a makeshift lampstand with a pendant lighting snaking its way up the stand and back to the table. Isn’t this bedside pendant lights idea clever?

4. Kyoto Bamboo Ceiling Hanging Pendant Lamp

original kyoto bamboo ceiling pendant bedroom hanging pendant lights

An eccentric and unique in its own fashionable way, this bedroom pendant lighting will be a mesmerizing addition to your space.

5. Wall Sconce

diy wall sconce bedroom hanging pendant lights

How do you make a pendant bulb into a wall sconce? Instead of draping your light downwards, a DIY industrial wire wall sconce can be a great solution.

How to:

  • Cut a piece of wood that will serve as a base for your wire. This will also be the part that will be screwed onto the wall.
  • Make a dome shape using a sturdy wire that can hold the weight of your pendant bulb but is easy to bend simultaneously.
  • Loop the wire around the pendant bulb base where the bulb should be screwed into. Before looping it back down to the base.
  • Bend the tips of the wire inwards towards each other.
  • Drill holes on the opposite sides of the wooden base.
  • Place construction adhesives and insert the bent wire tips.
  • Let it dry overnight for the glue to cure.
  • Drill these onto the spot on the wall you want them to be.
  • Attach the pendant bulb to the loop you made. Attach the bulb, and you’re good to go!

You can also add a covering on the front side, leaving gaps on the top and bottom for a full wall sconce effect. 

6. Bedroom Chandelier

chandelier bedroom hanging pendant lights

Create your very own retro spider ceiling fixture and put your creativity to the test. You’ll need a hanging festoon pendant, a lighting splitter that allows you to split your lights in 5 different directions, and a few black Edison droppers.

You can also add a few artificial spiders and webs to make it a bit scary yet fun to have in your room.

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7. Bonnie Glass

bonnie glass bedroom hanging pendant lights

Pendant lighting design with a white gloss glass finish attached to a long metal rod adds a sprinkle of elegance and seamless design. Who doesn’t like that?

8. DIY String Lights

diy string pendant lights bedroom hanging pendant lights

Do-It-Yourself string pendants can be time-consuming, but it does bring great satisfaction when everything is said and done.

There are certain advantages such as:

  • You can choose how big or small you want the string lamp.
  • Paint it with your choice of colours.
  • How much string you want to use depends on how much light you want to emit out of the lamp.
  • You can rotate the lamp and show the aesthetically pleasing side.

9. Drum Shade

drum shade pendant lights.jpeg bedroom hanging pendant lights

These types of lighting fixtures softly diffuse your space because of the fabric material often used to make these drum-style designs. It’s a great statement piece, especially if you add amusing designs on the fabric.

10. Light & Shade

light shade bedroom hanging pendant lights

With whatever hanging pendant you may have in your bedroom, you can incorporate an LED Dimmer to adjust the brightness of the lights.

Adjust the brightness levels ten different times and with eight distinct dynamic effects. Do all that with the convenience of the remote control at a maximum distance of 15 meters.

11. Lantern Geometric Light

geometric lantern bedroom hanging pendant lights

This industrial metal and glass combination chandelier hung with a metal chain would greatly complement white walls, sheets and black furniture. Hang in a few picture frames, and you’d be all set.

12. Whiskey Bottle Bistro

whiskey bottle bistro pendant lighting bedroom hanging pendant lights

A whiskey bottle can be used not just for getting the booze up your head but also for a spectacular lighting material. It would speak “volumes”, especially if you couple it with a few more bottles to highlight your room.

13. Simple Yet Sophisticated

swing iron opium bedroom hanging pendant lights

The swing iron opium light could be another great addition to create an aura of sophistication in a simple room with white walls.

The black grid lines created by the lamp are specific and measured. What more could you ask for?

14. Modern Minimalist

scandinavian led lamp bedroom hanging pendant lights

If you love city life but don’t want too much to crowd your room, this Scandinavian high ceiling LED pendant lamp will wow you every time. It has three designs to choose from with a minimalist look. It’s great to look at even when it’s not on.

15. Nordic Bedside Light

nordic lighting bedroom hanging pendant lights

This pendant is another beautiful example of a minimalist yet modern design.

The suspension cable attached to the circular shape that holds the pipe-like structure where the light is coming from shows an angle of lighting like no other.

It confuses and amazes you at the same time.

16. Magical Constellation

constellation lamp bedroom hanging pendant lights

This fantastic lighting piece will give the illusion of a moon suspended in mid-air right in the comfort of your bedroom. What’s more, the light projects stars and a crescent moon on the ceiling and walls.

A warm and cozy ambience with a classy look. This will surely bring out the child in you.

17. Contemporary Style LED Pendant Light

aluminium pendant light bedroom hanging pendant lights

If you liked the previous pendant lighting idea, you would also like this aluminium style. This U-shaped LED pendant light displays grace and grandeur. Surely you’ll agree that these are elegant lighting fixtures.

18. Luxurious Living

drop down bedroom hanging pendant lights

These drop-down pendants are made of clear glass balls hung in gold cables, making your room a little more luxurious. It feels like you’re living in a 5-star hotel.

19. Smoked Glass Design

smoked glass bedroom hanging pendant lights

If you want to bring out the creative juices in you, this smoked glass pendant light might just do the trick. The design alone will make you wonder how it was made yet gives you a unique lighting source.

20. 3-Drop Clear Glass

drop clear glass bedroom hanging pendant lights

One hanging light is already a good lighting piece. Make that three, and you’re in for a treat! These clear glass pendants and low voltage bulbs will create a cozy ambience you’d want to have every night.

21. Medieval Vibe

medieval chandelier bedroom hanging pendant lights

No one can say no to medieval interior design. Having a lighting fixture of fake candles achieves the antique feel of the bedroom. You get the taste of the past every time you walk in.

22. Simple and Comfy

large overhead pendant light bedroom hanging pendant lights

Some people like simple bedroom interiors. When I say simple, no drama on walls, no elaborate fixtures. The main light is no less than a large overhead pendant.

What’s good is when you feel the need to change the pendant, you can do so without much thought. Considering the simplicity of everything else doesn’t really affect what pendant design you want for your room.

23. Elongate the Space

elongated lamp bedroom hanging pendant lights

When you have high ceilings in your bedroom, an elongated style fills the vast space in between. This will also bring a modern and stylish look to add to that wow factor that you might just need.

24. Rustic Style

farmhouse lamp bedroom hanging pendant lights

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean there’s anything much you can do to dress up your space. Go for a rustic theme. A farmhouse pendant design definitely achieves that country or cottage living.

25. Vintage-Inspired

frilled lighting bedroom hanging pendant lights

How do you achieve a vintage design for your bedroom? Starting from the most obvious, you start with the bed— ornate wrought iron ones. Aside from crisp white walls, a frilled hanging pendant will complete the look.

26. Accentuate A Playful Colour Theme

playful colour theme bedroom hanging pendant lights

For a child’s bedroom, the classic design uses boisterous colours. Lighting fixtures have to match the playful bedroom theme.

That will also give the child a sense of appreciation for everyday colours. A good tool for teaching them is just by pointing at it and asking what the colour of the light is.

27. Bold Statement

black wicker bedroom hanging pendant lights

A master bedroom typically has bold statement lighting. With a pendant this big, you do not need to add any artwork anymore.

28. Metallic Touch

metallic lifhr fituew bedroom hanging pendant lights

For some bedrooms to stand out, all it needs is a metallic touch. Buy a crystal pendant lamp as an accent to your contemporary bedroom design.

With the technology today, creating a unique and eye-catching metal light with glass fixtures is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

29. Sexy Chain Pendants

aluminium chain bedroom hanging pendant lights

Installing a pendant with aluminium chains brings a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere. It also adds a luxurious feel each time, even when you don’t switch it on. The design in itself sets the mood even during the daytime.

30. Ultra-Chic Luminous Details

shell orb bedroom hanging pendant lights

For a room to achieve the ultra-chic luminous details, you gotta have a wooden fixture, delicate wallpaper, and a fancy shell orb pendant.

It brings the beach vibe in there, too, if you ask me. Easy to clean and easy to replace the bulb inside without much hassle of removing anything before replacing it.

31. Radiant Wooden Backdrop

festoon lights bedroom hanging pendant lights

Wooden pallet backdrops are universal. It can be used as an interior design for your bedroom. The typical way to spruce it is by adding festoon pendants. It’s the best way to have that ambient light.

This is one of the classic bedroom hanging lights ideas I love.

32. Funky Pick-up Sticks

sculptural bedroom hanging pendant lights

Aren’t those bedroom lights not only funky but also eye-catching? The sculptural designs are nothing less than artistic. This hanging pendant works best on plain white walls. It brings out the beautiful warm orange glow.

33. Bohemian Theme

rattan lighting bedroom hanging pendant lights 15

Rattan pendants are versatile lighting fixtures that add texture to your sleeping space. It also brings out the natural beauty of the room.

One thing you also need to know about rattan lighting is it never gets out of style.

34. Perfect Combo Patterns

Mixing patterns in interior design is exciting and tricky at the same time. It requires skills to combine patterns in your bedroom and create a harmonic vibe.

This is also a great way to create that “missing my home” kind of vibe — you just want to lay there and read your favourite book or watch a TV series.

35. Elegant Mood

round three bedroom hanging pendant lights
pattern bedroom hanging pendant lights

Nothing beats a bedroom that looks elegant and sophisticated. The easiest way to snazz up your space is to dress it up with tasteful fixtures, glass accessories, and warm lighting.

Spruce it up with good music and a bottle of champagne, and feel like royalty whenever you want it.

How Do I Choose Bedroom Pendant Lights?

how do i choose pendant light bedroom hanging pendant lights

Installing a pendant will give your room some aesthetic and practical style points. So how do you choose a pendant for your bedroom? Here are some tips on finding the one that you need.

1. Center of Attention

A room needs a wow factor. And you have to consider if you want your light to be that focal point or complement what you already have in your room.

The paint colour, intricate bed frame, a jaw-dropping piece of art. You have to decide whether or not you want your hanging pendant to be the centre of attention.

2. Size Does Matter

How big or small should your pendant be? You need to consider the size of your bed and bedside tables.

The rule of thumb for the width of the light is it must be smaller than the table. A gap of about 10 centimetres in reference to the table width will do the trick.

TIP: The wider your table compared to your hanging pendant, the better.

3. Highs and Lows

You should also consider how high or how low should your pendant be from your nightstand. There is no exact specification on the optimal height, but we can use the rule of thumb for a light over a dining table. The lowest point of pendant should be around 76 to 86 centimetres from the table’s surface.

This will be an excellent way to determine the length of your pendant from your bedroom ceiling.

4. What Would Be The Shape?

You need to balance out the space in your room with a round-shaped hanging light if your bedside, bed, and artwork all feature straight lines. Or, if your bedroom has high ceilings or it may be a bit of a low profile, an elongated light would fit in just right above your bedside.

A set of pendants can also be a fantastic way to balance out the wide space in your master. The point is to give it a sense of fluidity from one end of the room to the other.

5. Pendant Style

Finally, the pendant style! What is the style of your bedroom? What kind of ambience are you aiming for? Or what feel does it have currently without the pendant? Are you aiming for a touch of sophistication? Luxury? A relaxed atmosphere?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the style of your hanging light. Here are some materials that generally project an overall feel of the room.

  • Formality – stainless steel, gold, and shiny copper.
  • Industrial sense of history and story – Aged metallics.
  • Modernity and relaxed earthiness – Timber material.
  • A tint of high-end feel and elegant luxury – Clear or tinted glass.
  • Relaxed & Rustic feel – Rattan or Wicker Material
  • Ethereal and soothing feeling – Soft Fibres such as cloth or paper
  • Masculine and contemporary feel – Concrete Material

Of course, there are tons of others, but these materials will generally involve the sense of feeling in a room.

Some may think that bedroom pendants may be out of style, but with thousands of other available designs in the market today, you might just be able to choose the one that will fit your style.

So step back, use your imagination coupled with these tips and hopefully, you can style up your master bedroom that will bring a tingle to your core.

Are there other style-up bedroom hanging pendant lights ideas that you think we should’ve added? Let us know.

Lastly, if you’re in the middle of your own DIY lighting project and loved any of the inspiration ideas above, get in touch using our contact page! We’d love to collaborate with you.

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