Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners: 5 Tips To Create A Cozy Glow

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From intimate backyard gatherings to large outdoor events, using string lights or fairy lights as backyard lighting ideas for your garden adds to the festivity and magic.

Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners and Some Tips To Consider

For beginners, it is essential to note there is no one-size-fits-all approach to hanging lights outside. It depends entirely on your space and how you want it to look.

Before you start installing string lights, you need to bear in mind some important things as a basic guide.

Easy To Install Backyard Lighting Ideas

1. The V-shape, X-shape and W-shape String Light Design

VShape festoon lighting design Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners

These are one of the most basic backyard lighting ideas. Not just because they look good, but they are relatively easy to install.

How To:

  • Just choose which corner of the backyard you’d like to start, go across to your fence, and then back to the opposite side perpendicular to your Point A. Creating a V-shape.
  • The objective is the same for the X-shape and the W-shape designs.

Note: This is ideally for the basic square or rectangular-shaped backyard.

2. Square or Grid Pattern Display

Square or Grid Pattern Display Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners

If you have to focus on lighting up your whole backyard in a square pattern creating a ceiling effect.

The grid pattern requires more lights but will definitely provide a much-needed glow.

Note: This design is best to install in your fire pit, outdoor table, and dining space areas.

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3. Maypole or Tent Display

Maypole or Tent Display Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners

This specific design is a popular hanging patio light used for backyard parties. You can opt to use clear, frosted-warm, or multi-colour party lights.

How To:

  • Place the pole in the middle of your backyard.
  • The height of the pole should be a little higher than your fence or rafters to create the effect of a tent.
  • Use a festoon light splitter on the centre pole. It will be easier to install and will create a wheel effect. Plus, you’re sure the lights will be secured on the centre pole.

4. Horizon Point Display

Horizon Point Display Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners

This can be similar to the V-shaped design but will require more hanging points opposite the bottom of the V-pattern. You will need a sturdy horizon point to handle the weight of all the lights.

These are the designs used by restaurants and professional lighting designers for a more presentable display.

5. Planter Poles

Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners 2

Your backyard may be mostly concrete, or probably you would not want to start digging holes on your grass. Using planter poles is one of the great backyard lighting ideas to get your string lights placed where you want them to be.

6. Cozy Up Your Privacy Fence or Hedge

Cozy Up Your Privacy Fence or Hedge Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners

You can line up the top of your fence or hedge with low-voltage festoon lights or drape it vertically with black cable commercial fairy lights.

Create that much-needed space to divide the intimate and party mood areas.

7. DIY Chandelier

DIY Chandelier Simple Backyard Lighting Ideas for Beginners

There are many ways to make a DIY chandelier, but this one is easier by using a festoon light rope dropper pendant.

How to:

  • Choose your focal point on your backyard table.
  • Tie a wooden or metal pole on both ends.
  • Hang a pole perpendicularly to your table. If it’s round, then any angle would do.
  • Drape the number of rope dropper pendant lights by wrapping them on the pole. creating a wave-like pattern or whatever design you wish.

5 Tips in Installing Backyard Lighting Designs

Tip 1. Identify The Permanent Structure

Identify The Permanent Structure Backyard lighting ideas

Start by identifying the permanent structures you want to install your string lights on. Typical areas you can install the backyard lighting ideas you have in are:

  • Side of the house
  • Decking
  • Trees
  • tall fence posts

Tip 2. Ensure Correct Measures Of String Lights

Ensure Correct Measures Of String Lights Backyard lighting ideas

Once you’ve determined the locations, start measuring the length of the string lights you need. Then add a few extra feet to account for the slack or light swag.

Tip 3. Choose The Best Hooks

Choose The Best Hooks Backyard lighting ideas

Select hooks that you think are best for your mounting surface. There are a handful of hanging hooks to choose from in your hardware store.

Note: If you’re using open hooks like C-hook or J-hooks, consider wrapping the strings around the hook or securing them with zip ties.

Tip 4. Use Guy Wires

Use Guy Wires Backyard lighting ideas

If your backyard is relatively spacious, using guy wires is also an excellent way to further secure the weight of the string lights. Festoon lights have hanging grommets built-in for this very purpose.

Tip 5. Use Lighting Accessories

Use Lighting Accessories Backyard lighting ideas

Consider using lighting accessories like festoon extension leads, Edison dropper, low voltage dimmer, fairy light splitters, and low voltage LED driver power supplies.

These will solve possible concerns that will surely arise when installing some of the backyard lighting ideas below.

There you have it! I hope the simple backyard lighting ideas  and its basic guideline will help you get started.

These lighting designs will surely bring your backyard party to a new level. It takes a few days of preparation, but you are sure any of these set-ups will be a starting point of discussion. All the more, if they know, you just set it up yourself with minimal cost.

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