3 Things You Need To Know About Dimmable Festoon Lights

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Festoon lights fitted with dimmable light bulbs can have their brightness adjusted using a dimming module and remote control. It’s important to note however, that not all light bulbs are created equal or have dimming capabilities. Product specifications and data sheets will ultimately be your guiding light when determining if your festoon light bulbs are dimmable. 

Are Festoon Lights Dimmable?


When using a dimmable bulb, installing a dimmer switch would be ideal so that your bulb can have dimming functionality. Nonetheless, not all festoon light bulbs are dimmable, even with the help of a dimmer. Thus, you’ll need to examine the specifications of the festoon globes before making a purchase. To ensure that the festoon lights you’re buying are dimmable, check on their product description, product’s box, or technical specifications.

Using a dimmer on non-dimmable festoon lights will damage the bulbs and decrease the lifespan of your festoon lights. So, if you intend to use a dimmer to dim your festoon lights, ensure that they are compatible.

What to Consider When Purchasing Dimmable Festoon Lights?

When purchasing your dimmable festoon lights, it’s essential to consider the bulbs’ features that your fixtures come with. These features come in handy as they determine the light’s functionality and efficiency in illuminating your spaces. These crucial features of dimmable festoon light bulbs include:

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  • Light Bulb’s Brightness

These days, the brightness of festoon light bulbs is measured in lumens (lm), not watts. The ideal thing about dimmable festoon lights is that you’re able to control the brightness to create the perfect mood and ambience. Thus, when selecting the brightness of your LED festoon lights ensure they are dimmable, and pay attention to the lumens, not the watts.

  • The Bulbs’ Color Temperature

The color temperature of LED festoon bulbs is measured in Kelvin (K). LED festoon bulbs with a color temperature of 2700k create a warm cozy ambiance by emitting a warm, yellowish-white light color. As the bulb’s color temperature increases, the yellowish-white light decreases while the white color increases. LED bulbs with 5000k or above color temperature emit a bluish-white color creating a vibrant daylight mood.

  • Bulb Type

Halogen, incandescent, and LED bulbs are the three main types of festoon light globes. It’s worth noting that halogen and incandescent bulbs are high-energy consumers as they use the old technology. On the other hand, LED bulbs are beautiful, low-energy consumers and are dimmable. If you’re looking to save on both energy and light bulb replacement costs opt for LED bulbs, as they have a 20,000 hour life span on average.

Why Choose Dimmable Festoon Lights?

It would help if you chose dimmable festoon lights because they offer the flexibility of having more lighting options, both in residential and commercial spaces. This flexibility comes in handy because it allows you to use your rooms for several purposes.
For instance, you can use your kitchen as an eating area and use it as a working space after that. Light fixtures with different illuminating capabilities alleviate the need to change bulbs to suit current situations occasionally.
More so, dimmable festoon lights are more efficient as they use less power to run than non-dimmable lights. An ideal festoon bulb is about 200lms, which means it puts out 200 lumens of light.

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Where to Install Your Dimmable Festoon Lights?

You can install your dimmable festoon lights virtually in all spaces of your residential or commercial building. These are some of the ideal areas you can install your LED festoon lights:

  • Courtyard: Illuminating your yard with LED festoon lights enables better energy consumption while ensuring overnight security.
  • Beer Garden: Installing dimmable LED festoon lights in your beer gardens creates a calm, warm, and cozy ambiance for you and your family to enjoy.
  • Patios: Hanging LED festoon lights on your back patio allows you to spend more of your time outside having coffee or barbecues on the weekend.  


As you’ll now understand there are many types of dimmable festoon lights in the market. Dimmable incandescent festoon lights are ideal if you prefer the more traditional lighting style but if you’re looking for an energy-efficient lighting solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, then check out our dimmable LED festoon lights.

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