Outdoor LED fairy lights for all installation types from backyard trees and gardens, to high-end commercial or industrial venues.  Our beautiful warm white lights are waterproof and durable enough to withstand Australia’s harsh outdoors.
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Outdoor fairy lights comprised of low voltage 24v parts, and available in two conveniently sized connectable lengths of 10m, and 3m, in both black and white cable.
Each piece is fitted with built-in IP67 waterproof connectors allowing you to create continuous lengths of fairy lights over 100m long. Low voltage parts allow for application around pools, spas and other wet entertaining areas. All fairy lights we supply come with Fast & Free Australia wide shipping, and 12-month product replacement warranty.

Warm White Fairy Lights Black Cable


Our outdoor fairy lights are waterproof, constructed and tested to meet an IP67 rating, which means they’re suitable for permanent wet weather conditions and year-round outside use, rain, hail or shine. 

With their IP67 rating, our outdoor fairy lights are suitable for commercial, industrial or public-facing applications, installed by electricians or builders. Their ambient warm white glow makes these the perfect patio or pergola fairy lights for backyard and garden decorating.


Connect our fairylights together using the quick connect male and female connection ends, allowing you to easily plug-in fairy lights to one another to suit the size of your space. The connectable LED pieces will enable you to quickly connect 10m strings into fairy lights over 100m long.

Male Female LED Waterproof Connector


Our commercial fairy lights utilise safe extra low voltage (SELV) 24v LED drivers to power the system. Each kit comes with a 24v LED transformer included in the price, which has been rated IP67 for permanent outdoor use. Using the 24v low voltage power supply meets Australian Electrical standards to install fairy lights outside around pools, spas and other wet areas.


Our fairy lights have a range of LED appliances and accessories which can enhance your decorative feature. Our various 2-way, 3-way, and 5-way LED cable junctions provide extra cable outputs allowing you to decorate garden features without additional power supply’s. These LED cable junctions are the perfect solution to wrapping fairy lights are trees trunks and branches as well as obscurely shaped feature pieces.

Warm White Fairy Lights


It’s remarkable how simply installing LED fairy lights in an outdoor beer garden, cafés courtyard, or a dull wedding venue can add a real wow factor and bring the place to life.

Our line of outdoor fairy lights not only adds a touch of LED sparkle to your space, but they also make for a safe and economical commercial lighting installation. 

If you’re an electrician, builder, or venue manager searching for ideas to brighten up your client’s outdoor venue, you’re in the right place. Our commercial-grade outdoor fairy lights are IP67-rated, and run using low voltage power, meaning they’re safe enough, and durable enough for all outdoor weather conditions and applications.


It doesn’t take much to transform your garden or backyard into a magical light haven. Our decorative fairy lights can be wrapped around pergolas and party marquees.

Hanging outdoor fairy lights from the garden fences can bring the whole yard to life and create a beautiful setting for you and your guests on those balmy summer evenings.

For the more adventurous DIY home improvement enthusiast, why not take advantage of the home structure and fence line and create a ceiling of outdoor fairy lights by zig-zagging above the garden. Using our connectable pieces you’ll be able to power the whole setup over 100m long from just one power plug.

white cable fairylights


Create fabulous feature pieces in your garden by decorating trees to bring them to life at night with warm white fairy lights. With a range of various sized connectable fairy lights pieces and junction accessories, you’ll be able to wrap lights around tree branches and trunks of all shapes and sizes.

No matter how much light you need, you can always extend our fairy lights by adding another length to your installation.



Most frequent questions and answers

Follow the simple steps in our how to install outdoor fairy lights guide. You’ll have LED lights up and running at home in your garden or backyard with very few tools, and time required. It’s a fun DIY weekend project with a beautiful final product to look forward to at project completion. Our outdoor fairy lights are suitable for all weather conditions and public spaces.

Tools & Equipment

Before getting started you’ll need a pencil, some hanging hooks or screw eyes, a drill, a ladder, some zip ties, and of course, your outdoor fairy lights.

Step 1. Determine Pattern & Hanging Fixing Points

Lay the outdoor fairy lights on the floor in the pattern you want to have them strung up in the air. Use the connectable ends and junctions to customise the system to suit your space. (keep your power source location in mind when planning this step). Determine where you’ll be hanging the fairy lights from in your garden and mark the spot with your pencil. We recommend keeping the fixing points at least 3.2m above ground level.

Pro Tip: Make it easy for yourself use your garden surroundings, whether it be your wooden fence, brick wall,  ceiling, trees, or pergola.

Step 2. Drill Pilot Holes, and Install Fixing Points

Drill a pilot hole for each of your marked fixing points and attach the appropriate anchors, whether it be hooks or screw eyes. If you’re making use of the backyard garden trees, a simple zip tie will suffice for this fixing point.

Step 3. Hanging Your Lights!

Starting at the power plug end, begin attaching the LED fairy lights to the fixing points using zip ties. Play around with how much distance you allow between each of the fixing points to reach the desired height above your entertaining area.

Pro Tip: Generally around 3m between the ground and your fairy lights is the perfect heights to be safely out of harms way still give off an impactful warm glow.

Step 4. Plug ’em In and Enjoy!

The fourth, final, and funnest step, light em up! Connect the power plug to the power outlet and switch on your new outdoor fairy lights. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new outdoor entertaining party area!


As the leading provider of decorative outdoor fairy lights in Australia our products can be found illuminating many venues throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

From layout tips and custom light requests all the way to our easy online purchasing procedure and priority shipping, Festoon House has you covered.

If outdoor fairy lights aren’t going to make enough of a statement in your space check head back to Festoon House to see the range of other decorative lights we offer.