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Outdoor festoon lighting kits suitable for all installation types from high-end commercial venues and public spaces to DIY backyard projects.

Standard Commercial Festoon Lights


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Low Voltage Commercial Festoon Lights


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Solar & Smart Festoon Lighting

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The Festoon House Outdoor Festoon Light Range

Both the standard commercial and the low voltage commercial festoon lights use LED bulbs and are fit for outdoor use, however, there are subtle differences between the two products which should be considered before making your purchase.

240v Mains Power Festoons 1

Standard 240v Festoons

Our 240v system is both waterproof and connectable, making it our most popular product, suitable for both permanent residential and commercial installations, indoors or out.

These outdoor rated festoon lights plug straight into mains power from standard power outlets and comes with an Australian 2 pin power plug and 3m extension lead included in the kit price.

24v Festoons w LED Transformer 2

Low Voltage 24v Festoons

The best solution for permanent outdoor festoon lighting installations in public and commercial areas. Recommended for event companies and hospitality venues.

Our low voltage festoon lights come with a low voltage LED driver used to reduce the power from 240v to 24v which is recommended and much safer in high-traffic commercial areas.

What Sets Our Product Apart From The Rest?

We’ve engineered the most durable festoon lighting system on the market ready to stand the test of time in Australia’s outdoor conditions.
We’re so confident in the durability of our product we offer a 12 month, no questions asked product replacement warranty on all parts.

outdoor waterproof rating

Waterproof System

If you’re looking for commercial, waterproof festoon lights, don’t settle for anything less than an IP65 rating. Otherwise, sooner or later, you’ll be left in the dark. Our commercial grade product has an IP44 rating for permanent outdoor conditions, meaning they’re entirely waterproof in the wettest of wet seasons and rainy days.

The waterproof rating makes them the ideal LED solution for illuminating backyards, courtyards, beer gardens, and a range of outdoor entertainment and hospitality venues like pubs, cafes, restaurants around Australia.

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safe low voltage system

Shatterproof Light Bulbs

Our range of outdoor rated lights has a safe shatterproof casing which allows the lights to be dropped from heights above 3m with no harm done to your guests or the light bulbs themselves.

The shatterproof light bulbs come in a range of shapes, sizes and RGB colours. They’re perfect for event companies and high traffic outdoor spaces, reducing the need for replacement bulbs, and saving on costs and worries of shattered light bulbs.

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connectable icicle strings (1)

2 x Bulb Spacing Options

Our festoons come with two light bulb spacing options of 50cm and 100cm. Each option serves a different purpose and installation location. The 100cm spaced bulbs are the recommended spacing option if you’re planning to brighten up a small space and don’t want to create an overly obtrusive lighting feature.

Try out the 50cm bulb spacing to really add some magic to an area, you’ll get double the glow of the 100cm spacing. The 50cm light bulb spacing really makes an impressive statement.

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icon decorative (1) (1)

Outdoor UV Resistant Cable

The sturdiest decorative lighting solution for decorating outdoor areas on the market. Our specially formulated durable rubber cable is available in both black and white festoon lighting sets.

Choose the cable colour that best suits the space you plan to decorate. The double-insulated UV resistant cable was designed to provide a long-lasting, safe and cost effective solution for permanent outdoor installations in the hottest parts of Australia.

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long lasting led light bulbs

Long Lasting Led Light Bulbs

Our LED festoon light bulbs are the best choice for beautiful light output, a cleaner environment, and your pocket.. (who doesn’t enjoy savings on their electricity bill?)

The Festoon House signature warm white LED lights bulbs emit a stunning ambient glow. They maintain that old school incandescent filament style looks whilst using long-lasting, energy-efficient parts for an extended lifespan of over 20,000 hours – over 40 times the incandescent light bulb shelf life.

Looking for colourful RGB festoon lights? Enquire today to find out about our new RGB festoon lighting systems. Available in 240v and 24v low voltage.

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connectable pieces

Connectable Pieces

Our connectable 10m long festoon lighting comes fitted with easy to use quick connect male & female ends. The connectable ends allow you to join as many pieces together as the area that you’re lighting. Within minutes your 10m piece can be adjusted to a 20m festoon lighting kit or anywhere from 30m – 100m and beyond.

No electrician, no worries, our quick connect festoon light pieces are super safe and very user friendly. Our quick-connect fittings have drastically reduced the time and cost to set up and install festoon lighting outdoors.

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What Sets Festoon House Apart From The Rest?

With our friendly support team and their expertise in designing beautiful lighting displays, we’re able to offer top-quality products guaranteed to transform your space – no matter how big or small. We’re more than happy to assist in planning your decorative lighting feature piece as well as advise and guide you through how to hang festoon lights.

With Festoon House you’ll never be left out in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each festoon kit comes with connectable ends allowing you to customise the length of the lights to suit the space you’re decorating. Festoons can also be selected in the following kits of 10m long increments below, 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m, 70m, 80m, 90m, and 100m long festoon lights.

Festoon lights with an IP44 rating are waterproof and suitable for wet weather and rainy conditions. Our festoon lighting has an IP44 rating, each light bulb socket has a waterproof rubber gasket which forms a tight seal around the bulbs once they are screwed in, keeping all water and debris out of the system. The waterproof rating makes them the ideal LED solution for illuminating backyards, courtyards, beer gardens, and a range of outdoor entertainment and hospitality venues like pubs, cafes, and restaurants around Australia. Read our guide on festoon light waterproof ratings.

Calculate how much festoon lighting you need by measuring the space you’re decorating with a tape measure. It’s much better to overestimate than underestimate, so make sure, especially if you’re planning to have the festoon light sagging between fixing points. Check out our guide on how to estimate the length of festoon lighting you require for your installation

You can buy festoon lights through our online store no matter where you are based in Australia. We have festoon lighting for sale for both residential and commercial customers across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, providing free priority shipping around the country on all sets

Widest Range Of Decorative Led Products In Australia

Festoon House is Australia’s leading supplier of decorative LED commercial festoon lighting. Our lights surpass all Australian electrical standards and are used by more than 40 local government councils around the country. You’ll find out festoons illuminating some of the most iconic venues and public spaces around the country, from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and beyond.
We stock a variety of decorative lighting products and appliances that can be used to create an atmosphere suited to any event.

If you have not found the lighting products you’re after on this page,  head back to the Festoon House homepage to view our complete range of LED products.

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